Foundation “Land of Friendship and Peace

European Centre for Therapy, Leisure and Memory
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Foundation “Land of Friendship and Peace” was registered on 17 August 2001 as the first Foundation of Canton Sarajevo, and thereafter, on 17 June 2004, at the level of the Federation, to help young orphans and civil victims of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was set up by Jean-Claude CARREAU and his wife, in memory of Captain Gilles CARREAU, who was killed on 22 July 1995 at Sarajevo-Butmir, and of other members of the peacekeeping forces who died during their duties in the Balkans.
Its premises are located at the European Centre for Therapy, Leisure and Memory in Kakrinje near RAKOVICA, 20 km from Sarajevo.
The financial outlay for the purchase of the land and all building and improvements has come in the form of donations from institutions and generous individuals of the European community, with large contributions from the Luxembourg government and the grieved family.
The Centre offers mostly:
  • Children’s summer and winter camps.
  • Weekly riding for the disabled (hippotherapy).
  • Horse riding lessons by qualified instructors on all-weather surfaces.   
  • Accommodation, conference and educational facilities for smaller to larger groups.
  • Education for the protection of nature on more than 8 hectares of land.
The Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up to assist young people, especially those who have lost one or both parents as a result of the war, as well as handicapped young people and children-in-need.
All proceeds from the services rendered or products sold by the Foundation are used to finance its objective “to provide assistance to young people of Bosnia-Herzegovina”.
As the Foundation has over the years developed its premises and services, is has become well known and sought after.
The Foundation has become the first provider of Riding for the Disabled in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We are running regular hippotherapy session for disabled children from various organization and areas of the country.
The Foundation is also developing horseback tourism, which we believe is a first for Bosnia: we have a few treks available through the mountains to different destinations.
It held with much success in 2008 its fourth Summer Riding School, based on the French riding system of qualification, with some 36 young people attending and getting “Gallop” certificates at different levels.
It is running a regular dance programme in partnership with association “Genesis: Sarajevo” registered in Florida.